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All of our websites are built on solid foundations. Our robust hosting means your site is safe and secure and backed up daily. We will even register a .co.uk domain for you so you. Leave all the boring technical stuff to us!

Actually free

247 Websites – The Home of Free Websites – Yes our base package is free to setup and always will be free. All we ask is a small hosting fee each month so we can work to keep your site safe and secure. This also secures any domain name that you register with us.


We recognise that businesses are struggling during the present COVID-19 outbreak. We have been building websites for years and this is our way of saying thank you.

247 Websites - The Home of Free Websites

Our Mission

Websites Built With Care For You

All of our websites are built on a solid proven and reliable platform. You can edit the site yourself and all our hosting packages come with daily backups and 24/7 security monitoring. We also take care of the updates to the software that runs your site which means you can sit back and relax knowing your website is safe and sound.

Our team

We are a friendly bunch!

John Lomax - Senior Web Developer

John Lomax

Senior Web Developer

Loves To Code, Apple Fan, Hates Hot Drinks!

Craig Hall - Project Manager

Craig Hall

Project Manager & Developer

Coffee Lover. Always on bike, iPhone fan.

Robert Dicks - Marketing Expert

Robert Dicks

Marketing Guru

Real Ale Fan, Loves Being By The Sea, Hates Coffee!


Our pricing is below


FREE Setup / £20 per month

  • Free Setup
  • £20 A Month Hosting
  • 1 Page Design
  • Choice of 3 Designs
  • Services Section
  • About Section
  • Mission Statement
  • Your Team
  • Contact Form
  • .co.uk Domain Included


£247 Setup/ £20 per month hosting

  • Start Up - £247
  • £20 A Month Hosting
  • Up To 5 Pages
  • Choice of 3 Designs
  • Services Page
  • About Page
  • Team Page
  • Contact Page
  • .co.uk Domain Included


Contact Us For Details

  • Custom Design
  • E-Commerce Enabled
  • As Many Pages As You Need
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Custom PHP & JS frameworks

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  • If you have any other questions please drop us a message!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to host with you?

For our start up and power up plans you must host with us for a two year period. After which you are free to look for other providers.

However we are pretty sure with the security and care we give you you won't even consider it!

I already own a domain name; can I use it with my new website?

Yes. If you own a domain name we can use it for your new website. You’ll just need to point it to our servers where your website will be hosted.

How quickly can you build my new website?

Depending on your package chosen, we aim to complete your website within 7 days once you have provided us with the images and copy that we need.

I would like some more features on my website can you create them for me?

Yes. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will get in touch with you to discuss further.

I have an existing website which I would like improved can you help meon_tab

Of course we can, we have worked on website’s on many of different platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Custom PHP & JS frameworks and more!. Send us a message with your requirements and we will be in touch as soon as we can..

Why do you charge a hosting fee

For each website we host it costs us some money to setup with our hosting provider.

However, we do far more than just host your site. With many of the cheap providers your website will be hosted with possibly thousands of others. If any of these sites are hacked or consume far too many server resources your site may be effected.

We only host a small number of sites on each dedicated server we have meaning that your website will have the dedicated resources it needs.

I can get cheaper hosting elsewhere.

Many cheap hosting providers 'rack em high' meaning that your website competes with thousands of others for the servers resources.

You are also left to 'fend for yourself' with these cheaper options.

At 247 Websites we take care of maintaining your site, keeping the core software up to date for security purposes. Speaking of security all of our sites have a firewall installed so mitigate attacks and we also back up each site to a secure location every day.

We also provide an SSL certificate so that your site is served over https which is now a major requirement for Google.

Other 'cheap' providers do not do all of this for you!